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    How to make order through your mobile devices?

    1. Open Aleumdr.com, find your items.

    2. Add items to cart after picked Color and Size:

    3. Click View Cart if you decide to make the order;

    Click Continue Shopping if you want to find more clothes.

    4. After clicked View Cart, you will be took to the Checkout page,

    then choose Secure Checkout.

    5. You are required to register/login in your Aleumdr account

    before you continue to pay. Also, you can quick register/login in

    with your social media accounts.

    6. Fill in your valid recipient, shipping address and phone number for the shipment.

    7. Check the information again, then continue to choose the Payment Method.

    8. Remember to apply your promo codes at the checkout page,

    and both Credit Cards and Paypal are available to use. 

    Then click Complete Order.

    9. Well done! Now you’ve successfully completed the order.

    You will receive the order confirmation email.

    We will fulfill and ship your order as soon as possible.